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Legislative changes that will allow night lighting of gambling establishments

The energy crisis is affecting economic and social life in Germany in an increasing number of areas. In order to save electricity, the federal government initially stipulated in the "Ordinance on the security of energy supply regarding measures effective in the short term" (EnSikuMaV) that the lighting in shops should be partially switched off at certain times. This rule has now been adjusted so that shops, but also arcades and casinos, can leave the neon signs above their shops switched on during working hours.

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In the first version, night lighting is still prohibited

The original ordinance, promulgated in early September, provided for a ban on the operation of light or light-emitting advertising systems from 22:00 to 16:00 the next day. This effectively banned the illumination at night of names that point to a company in the same location, during opening hours.

Exceptions were applied only if the lighting was necessary to ensure road safety or to prevent other hazards. However, on September 28, the Federal Cabinet adopted some changes.

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Now the updated EnSikuMaV says:
"A new exemption has been added for advertising systems that refer to offers and jobs in one place during opening hours. An example of this is the illumination of a store name, for example, above the entrance. These can continue to light up during opening hours even if it is after 22:00."

This allows shops, casinos, gambling halls and banks as well as betting shops to also switch on the neon signs of their shops at night. However, the prerequisite is that the companies are open during this time.

The relaxations will not only affect shops and trade. Sports and cultural events will also benefit as light advertising systems can remain active during the event. As an example, the regulation cites "light advertising banners at football matches or light advertising billboards at cultural events during their duration".

By adjusting the federal cabinet responds to the requirements of the economy. The German association of hotels and restaurants DEHOGA warned that the lack of lighting complicates the already difficult situation of many businesses. Representatives of amusement rides, casinos, and bookmakers, who in the future will be allowed to leave the lighting in front of their shops, should think similarly.

We think that Germans should take an example from Denmark because this country shows an example of the most successful legal gambling business in Europe.