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The correct intake of testosterone propionat in sports

You can take the medication both individually and together with other sports drugs. Beginners are advised to use an anabolic supplement up to 50 mg every 2 days. You can Testosteron Propionat buy online UK at any pharmacy.

The dosage for more experienced athletes can be increased to 100 mg taken every day. During the course, it is recommended to use anti-estrogen drugs, including Proviron. 

You should start taking such medications from the second week of the course, so you can reduce the risk of developing gynecomastia. 

With the right medication, the athlete can get rid of problems such as fluid retention and other estrogenic effects.

When the course of the medication is completed, it is necessary to begin the post-cycle therapy, for which tamoxifen is used. At the exit, it is worth connecting cortisol blockers, which will help preserve the previously acquired muscle mass. 

The set will be even more effective if you adhere to a certain diet during the course.